QA Automation Engineer

Job description

Come join our fast-paced, product-first startup. We’re on a mission to help small businesses compete for talent in a crowded job market. Our customers love our core health benefits product and we are looking to expand what we can do for them, so this is an exciting time for our company. You would join our small, highly experienced product development team.

You will:

  • Play a key role in launching three major new products in the next year.

  • Introduce quality throughout our software development process as our first QA hire.

  • Develop, execute, and maintain test plans then help us automate them.

  • Be an advocate for the end user.

As a team, we value:

  • Achieving outcomes over sticking to the plan

  • Rallying as a team to get work in progress across the finish line

  • Tackling unknowns head-on

  • Breaking work into small but meaningful chunks to deliver value quickly and minimize work in progress

  • Spending no more time on planning and estimation than absolutely necessary, sometimes less ;)

  • Using technology to solve customer problems, not just for technology’s sake

  • Keeping technical debt under control

  • Collaborating early and often

  • Accepting feedback in order to improve


  • 3+ years experience testing in a collaborative team environment.

  • 1+ year experience writing test automation for web-based applications (e.g. Selenium, Cypress). REST API automation is a plus.

  • 1+ years experience with SQL. Experience with PostgreSQL is a plus.

  • Experience with agile methodologies. Kanban experience is a plus.

  • Comfortable using Linux and/or Unix systems.

  • Comfortable with version control systems. Git experience is a plus.

  • Experience with Java and AngularJS/protractor is a plus.

  • Experience with AWS is a plus.

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